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bgi genomics thalassemia gene detection kit receives ce-ivdd certification


bgi genomics thalassemia gene detection kit (combinatorial probe-anchor synthesis sequencing method) has recently obtained ce-ivdd approval.

the detection kit is developed based on the combinatorial probe-anchor synthesis sequencing method, a next generation sequencing (ngs) technology, to qualitatively detect α-thalassemia and β thalassemia mutations.

peripheral blood samples will be used for genetic diagnosis of patients and suspected patients with α and/or β thalassemia, abnormal hemoglobinopathy, as well as a screening of the carriage of the above mutations in the population.

it has been estimated that 5-7% of the world's population carries a mutated gene affecting the production or function of the hemoglobin molecule. this suggests that over 330,000 affected infants are born every year of which 17% are thalassaemia1.

1. eleftheriou, a. & angastiniotis m. (2021). global thalassaemia review 2021, thalassaemia international federation.

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