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davos communications awards 2023 - bgi genomics honored for its social media impact


bgi genomics, the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for precision medicine, is pleased to announce winning instagram campaign (gold) at the davos communications awards held on december 12, 2023.


bgi genomics wins instagram campaign (gold) at the davos communications awards  

the davos communications awards honor the best teams and campaigns in the industry that have leveraged insights and innovation to achieve measurable business outcomes. a distinguished jury of leading communications experts reviewed nearly 100 entries from over 20 countries across europe, asia, south america, north america, and africa.


highlighted posts related to breast cancer and cervical cancer screening

bgi genomics won the ‘instagram campaign (gold)’ award. it recognizes bgi genomics' efforts to create a community to make life science and healthcare tips more accessible to younger audiences through engaging short videos, fun facts and quizzes. key themes covered in these 104 posts included scientific research findings, science-based tips for healthier living and the importance of cancer screening.

"this year's entries have truly set a remarkable standard, offering nothing but excellence in the field of communications. we've witnessed campaigns that not only met but exceeded industry benchmarks, demonstrating a keen understanding of the ever-changing communications landscape", said the jury chair arun sudhaman, ceo & editor-in-chief at provoke media.

dara wang, pr director, bgi genomics, notes: "our ig account won over 55,000 fans in 2022, with around 275,000 engagements and over 8,300 shares. recognition at the davos communication awards will motivate bgi genomics to be more committed to science communication, bridge the knowledge gap between scientific discoveries and the general public—particularly with younger audiences—and raise awareness of genetic disease screening and management."

the deliberative awards application process provided fresh insights for future cancer screening campaigns to sharpen the company's focus on enhancing health outcomes through greater accessibility and affordability. this rigorous process further validated that biotech communications can be inclusive, light on jargon, and unintimidating to general audiences seeking to enhance their health.

"the davos communications awards represent a global celebration of innovation, creativity, and public relations and communications excellence. the impressive entries we receive each year from around the world highlight our industry's evolving landscape and its crucial role in shaping narratives and fostering connections across borders", said maxim behar, president of the world communications forum association.

about bgi genomics

bgi genomics, headquartered in shenzhen, china, is the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for precision medicine. in july 2017, as a subsidiary of bgi group, bgi genomics (300676. sz) was officially listed on the shenzhen stock exchange.

as of december 2022, the company has published over 440 sci (science citation index) papers in cancer research, utilizing state-of-the-art sequencing and bioinformatics technologies.