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covid-19 solutions

new 3-in-1 test for sars-cov-2, influenza a and influenza b

covid-19 shares many symptoms with the flu and this fact will, unfortunately, exacerbate the many existing challenges in diagnosing patients with non-specific respiratory symptoms during flu season. bgi’s new ce certified 3-in-1 test for sars-cov-2, influenza a and influenza b provide clinicians and doctors with a reliable single-panel test to help quickly and accurately diagnose patients.

flu and covid-19 are similar in symptoms and hard to differentiate.


a positive result for one disease does not mean you are free from others. you have to test it all to be sure.


combine multiple tests into one give you a great advantage during the flu season.


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the kits are internationally available and can be distributed to several countries and regions worldwide.

covid-19 local laboratory solution

bgi offers partners a complete laboratory solution for the fight against covid-19

bgi is providing its ‘huo-yan’ laboratory solution, which allows implementation of rapid detection and diagnosis of patients suspected with covid-19, as a complete package to partners across the world.

huo-yan laboratory