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protein identification


project workflow

gel spot identification

we can identify proteins present in gel spots.
  • gel spot
  • decolorization
  • protein digestion
  • lc-ms/ms (dda)
  • protein identification

gel band identification

we can identify proteins present in gel bands or protein solution.
  • gel band or protein solution
  • decolorization
  • protein digestion
  • lc-ms/ms (dda)
  • bioinformatics analysis

service specification

  • sample preparation and services

    • digestion performed using sequencing-grade trypsin
    • 60 min nano-flow lc-ms/ms
  • quality standard

    • summary includes all methods and data analysis
    • reports provided in excel or pdf format, raw files available upon request
  • turn around time

    • typical 2 weeks after sample receipt for raw data delivery

sample requirements

projects that need enrichment for acetylation and ubiquitination studies is not accepted.
product samplegel bandidentificationmodification site identification
coomassive or silver stained protein spot/bandprotein ≥ 1 μgprotein ≥ 1μg. projects that need enrichment is not accepted.
single protein (protein solution purified after ip or co-ip)≥ 5 μg,≥ 0.5 μg/μl≥ 10 μg, ≥ 0.5 μg/μl. if enrichment is required, the amount of sample sent needs to be increased by 3 times.

data analysis

advanced bioinformatics
  • data analysis and validation performed with mascot
  • go (gene ontology) category analysis
  • cog (cluster of orthologous groups of proteins) category analysis
  • pathway analysis